Author(s) Research Paper

Prof. Subhra Pattnaik

Subhra Pattnaik, 2020, Work – From – Home or Work – For – Home? Dilemma Facing Working Indian Mothers during Covid-19 Lockdown, Under Review in Gender in Management (ABDC and Scopus)

Prof. Subhra Pattnaik

Subhra Pattnaik, 2019, PMUs in Odisha Government Departments: Is the Outsourcing worth?, Paper Accepted at Annual Cities Research Summit, XAHS, XUB

Prof. Tania Saritova Rath

Tania Saritova Rath, 2018, Restructuring work for integrating care work for sustainable career of women, International Conference on changing nature of careers

Prof. Sadhna Dash

Prof Gopal P Mohapatra, 2018, Measuring Mid-Career Executive Education Program effectiveness, At IIMB to the Dean Executive Programs

Prof. Mousumi Padhi

Girish Balasubramanium, 2016, COLLAGE MAKING : Activity based overview of Human Resource Management, Paper submitted and is being revised for further submission